Imani Creates

Ni’Kol M. Dowls (African American) often referred to as Imani Ni’Kol (Imani meaning faith in Swahili). Ni’Kol is a Minnesota native currently residing in North Minneapolis. After 10 years in the corporate world facing discrimination and feeling unfulfilled Ni’Kol decided to start pursuing her art full time in 2015. Ni’Kol’s love for arts started at the age of 4 when she completed reading the Giving Tree on her own. Ni’kol quickly fell in love with the combination of writing and illustration, and began to ask her mom to keep her involved in programs around art. Ni’Kol has been writing and performing poetry since the age of 14. Ni’Kol believes art should model our lives in the fact that we as humans are multi faceted, Ni’kol currently combines her love of photography, body movement, and writing to express the world around her. Ni’Kol is a self-taught artist who uses internships, networking, volunteering, and online resources to advance her craft. Ni’Kol’s closest inspiration is her aunt Andrea Jenkins who has used her love of art to express herself, change her community, to elevate her activism, to mentor, and teach others. Ni’kol hopes to follow in her footsteps expressing the world around her.