Born in Zimbabwe, lived in Ghana and now based in Minneapolis, MN, Sylvester Ndhlovu is an entrepreneur and self-taught fashion designer who established in late 2015. strives to be the best and number one online source for African art and fashion. The name RuvaAfricWear came from combining Ruva, Africa and Wear. Ruva is the name of Sylvester’s 2nd daughter and it means flower in Shona (Zimbabwe) and just like she was also born in 2015. Ruva or “Flower” symbolizes beauty, passion, humility, lasting friendship, compassion, fascination, thankfulness, royalty, and many others positive symbolisms we associate with Africa and the RuvaAfricWear brand.

The RuvaAfricWear clothing line emphasizes on everyday functional clothing with an African flair, it’s a hybrid between western and African styles. Most African designs tend to be very loud and colorful so people feel like they can only wear them to an event (Church, Wedding and Funerals). RuvaAfricWear designs are meant to be functional and to add just a bit of African flair to everyday wear. The goal for the RuvaAfricWear lifestyle brand is to have people wearing African clothing at the gym, at work, church, beach/pool etc. (pretty much everywhere and doing anything). The RuvaAfricWear designs are meant to celebrate African history and heritage through fashion. The designs’ functionality and universality appeal to a diverse customer base.